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        We buy, we sell, we repair AND we design and create right here in house!! 

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*20% off the current month's birthstone EVERY month! 

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*Burlington's Town Center Beer Garden is coming every Thursday in September! We will be there! 


ATOM will be at the Beer Garden EVERY thursday night in September! 


ATOM will be raffling off these 4 items, one per night, and also giving out multiple coupons to use in store!! 

All pieces are sterling silver. Two bracelets, a cross pendant and a blue topaz gem ring!!! 


ATOM was opened in 1978 by Sandi and Vin Milano. Over the last four decades the store has become a cornerstone of Burlington, MA. David, Sandi and Vin's son, along with his wife and children, have taken on ATOM and plan on bringing it into the next decade. With an "on the premise" jeweler/designer you can feel comfortable and safe knowing most work is done in house. We do our best to keep the newest fashions in stock but can also custom make anything desired. From a simple watch battery to a custom designed piece, we can do it all right here.

We buy gold, silver, diamonds, coins and bullion.

In-store pieces

On-site Jeweler 

Here at a A Touch of Midas Jewelry and Designs LLC. Almost 90% of jewelry that we sell to you, is made directly here in-house.  Custom jewelry and design is mainly done in house and there is always a jeweler on site. Using raw material we create high quality custom pieces for you, the customer. 

Below are just a few examples of custom pieces made here in store.

Roman Numeral Rings designed and created in store to celebrate happenings of any year.

5.5 mm  . 925 and 10k Handmade Foxtail bracelet

Heart Pedant shaped from a loved ones wedding band to be worn as a charm as a memorial.

Handmade mounting to accommodate Topaz gem.

Two piece 3D pendant crafted of .925 14K white, yellow or two-toned this is our piece.

Hand crafted 14K two toned dog tag.

Hand made L pendant crafted of 14K white gold, we later added a trillion cut blue topaz to the end of this for the customer.

4.10K Lab grown IGI certified oval diamond highlighted by two lab grown emeralds.

Custom made engagement ring with DOUBLE prong diamond head.

Custom made "Josie" pendant to match "Felix" and make the bracelet one! 

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is a process in which we ionically plate your jewelry, regardless of the type of metal, with rhodium for extra strength and luster. Jewelry plated in rhodium is shinier and more durable than other metals. Rhodium plating can be used to revive dull jewelry or alter the jewelry from yellow to white. For example: customers are taking their older out dated yellow gold jewelry and plating them in rhodium to turn them white gold which matches more with todays styles. This is done is house and can even be done while you wait.